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There is no point in having a gun unless you know that it is going to be functional when it needs to be. Whether you own a handgun for protection or a rifle for your hunting trips, it is always important to ensure that you perform regular firearm maintenance.

Staying on top of your gun’s maintenance will help to ensure that it shoots accurately whenever you pull that trigger. At Haydon's Shooters' Supply we will help you put together a high quality gun cleaning kit to protect your valuable firearm.

The backbone of taking care of your gun is to make sure you have a good gun cleaning kit. Generally there are several items that your cleaning kit should contain.

- a one-piece cleaning rod & brass jag

- a bore guide
- a brass core/bronze bristle cleaning brush
- cleaning solvent

- copper remover if needed
- small cloth cleaning patches.
- lubricating oil

The gun cleaning kit we create will be specific to the weapon on which it will be used in terms of caliber and barrel length. To keep your firearm performing its best, Haydon's Shooters' Supply suggests that you perform a full cleaning of the gun after you go out shooting and before you store it..

Whenever possible, clean a firearm from the breech end rather than from the muzzle (front) end. If your gun will accept it, use a bore guide appropriate to the bolt diameter and caliber of the gun to help keep the cleaning rod centered.

Here is the procedure:  Run three patches of solvent through the bore, allowing the last application to soak in the bore for three minutes. Run another patch down the barrel and observe. If the patch still shows a lot of dark color, repeat the three-patch process.

Next run a brush back and forth through the barrel several ties with long, even strokes. Follow that with a couple more solvent-soaked patches. If the patch still comes out dark colored, repeat the three-patch process yet again. And end by running a dry patch down the barrel.

This procedure should clean your firearm of the common residue of shooting. If you believe that you have a heavy copper or carbon build-up, additional steps are necessary. If your gun has been exposed to outdoor hunting, cleaning the action and chamber is also recommended.

Once you have a clean gun, run a patch of gun oil down the barrel to relubricate it.

This simple firearms maintenance process should be all you need to keep your gun performing for years to come.

At Haydon's Shooters' Supply we specialize in shooting supplies, shooter supplies and much more! If you have any questions please feel free to call us today!


We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you soon.